(70 ILCS 1830/45) (from Ch. 19, par. 545)
    Sec. 45. No civil action shall be commenced in any court against the District by any person for any injury to his person, unless it is commenced within one year from the date that the injury was received or the cause of action accrued. Within 6 months from the date that any injury was received or such cause of action accrued, any person who is about to commence any civil action in any court against the Port District for damages on account of any injury to his person shall file in the office of the secretary of the Board either by himself, his agent, or attorney, a statement, in writing, signed by himself, his agent, or attorney, giving the name of the person to whom the cause of action has accrued, the name and residence of the person injured, the date and about the hour of the accident, the place or location where the accident occurred and the name and address of the attending physician, if any. If such statement is not filed as provided, any such civil action commenced against the District shall be dismissed and the person to whom any cause of action accrued for any personal injury shall be forever barred from further suing.
(Source: Laws 1965, p. 1013.)