(70 ILCS 1810/5) (from Ch. 19, par. 156)
    Sec. 5. The Port District shall have the following rights and powers:
    (a) To issue permits: for the construction of all wharves, piers, dolphins, booms, weirs, breakwaters, bulkheads, jetties, bridges or other structures of any kind, over, under, in, or within 40 feet of any navigable waters within the Port District; for the deposit of rock, earth, sand or other material, or any matter of any kind or description in said waters;
    (b) To prevent or remove obstructions, including the removal of wrecks;
    (c) To locate and establish dock lines and shore or harbor lines;
    (d) Beyond the limits or jurisdiction of any municipality to regulate the anchorage, moorage and speed of vessels and to establish and enforce regulations for the operation of bridges and to regulate the anchorage, moorage, and speed of water borne vessels in the entrance channel, anchorage basin and slips in the Senator Dan Dougherty Harbor at Lake Calumet;
    (e) To acquire, own, construct, sell, lease, operate, and maintain port and harbor, water, and land terminal facilities, and, subject to the provisions of Section 5.01 to operate or contract for the operation of such facilities, and to fix and collect just, reasonable and non-discriminatory charges, rentals or fees for the use of such facilities. The charges, rentals or fees so collected shall be made available to defray the reasonable expenses of the Port District and to pay the principal of and interest on any revenue bonds issued by the District;
    (f) To enter into contracts dealing in any manner with the objects and purposes of this Act;
    (g) To police its property and exercise police powers in respect thereto or in respect to the enforcement of any rule or regulation provided by the ordinances of the District and employ and commission police officers and other qualified persons to enforce the same. The use of any property of the District or property under the regulation of the District for activities including, but not limited to, vehicular traffic or commercial maritime traffic shall be subject to the reasonable regulation and control of the District and upon such reasonable terms and conditions as shall be established by its Board. A regulatory ordinance of the District adopted under any provision of this Section or Section 21 may provide for a suspension or revocation of any rights or privileges within the control of the District for a violation of any such regulatory ordinance.
(Source: P.A. 93-250, eff. 7-22-03.)