(70 ILCS 1801/45)
    Sec. 45. Grants, loans, and appropriations. The District has power to apply for and accept grants, loans, or appropriations from the federal government or any agency or instrumentality thereof to be used for any of the purposes of the District and to enter into any agreements with the federal government in relation to such grants, loans, or appropriations.
    The District may petition the administrative, judicial, or legislative body of any federal, State, municipal, or local authority having jurisdiction in the premises, for the adoption and execution of any physical improvement, change in method or system of handling freight, warehousing, docking, lightering, and transfer of freight, which in the opinion of the District is designed to improve the handling of commerce in and through the Port District or improve terminal or transportation facilities therein.
(Source: P.A. 96-1015, eff. 7-8-10.)