(70 ILCS 1707/63)
    Sec. 63. Succession; Transfers Related to NIPC. CMAP shall succeed to all rights and interests of NIPC. Such transfer and succession shall not limit or restrict any power or authority of CMAP exercised pursuant to this Act and shall not limit any rights or obligations of CMAP with respect to any contracts, agreements, bonds or other indebtedness, right or interest relating to any cause of action then in existence of NIPC that shall continue and shall be assumed by CMAP. Funds appropriated or otherwise made available to NIPC shall become available to CMAP for the balance of the current State fiscal year for interim use as determined by CMAP. NIPC shall transfer all of the records, documents, property, and assets of NIPC to CMAP.
(Source: P.A. 95-677, eff. 10-11-07.)