(70 ILCS 1707/51)
    Sec. 51. Certification; cooperation between local and regional plans; plan review.
    Certification of regional plan and forecasts. Upon the adoption of a Regional Plan or segment of a Regional Plan, the Board shall certify a copy thereof to the State, each transportation agency and each local government affected by such plan. CMAP's official forecasts and plans shall be the foundation for all planning in the region.
    Agencies to provide information and cooperate. Each local government, transportation agency, and State agency shall cooperate with and assist the Board in carrying out its functions and shall provide to the Board all information requested by the Board. Counties and municipalities shall submit copies of any official plans to CMAP, including but not limited to comprehensive, transportation, housing, and capital improvement plans.
    Review of county and municipal plans. The Board may review and comment on proposed county and municipal plans and plan amendments within its jurisdiction for consistency with the regional comprehensive plan and maintain a copy of such plans.
(Source: P.A. 95-677, eff. 10-11-07.)