(70 ILCS 1707/47)
    Sec. 47. Developments of Regional Importance. The Board shall consider the regional and intergovernmental impacts of proposed major developments, infrastructure investments and major policies and actions by public and private entities on natural resources, neighboring communities, and residents. The Board shall:
    (a) Define the Scope of Developments of Regional Importance (DRI) and create an efficient process for reviewing them.
    (b) Require any DRI project sponsor, which can be either a public or private entity, to submit information about the proposed DRI to CMAP and neighboring communities, counties, and regional planning and transportation agencies for review.
    (c) Review and comment on a proposed DRI regarding consistency with regional plans and intergovernmental and regional impacts.
    The Board shall complete a review under this Section within a timeframe established when creating the DRI process. A delay in the review process either requested or agreed to by the applicant shall toll the running of the review period. If the Board fails to complete the review within the required period, the review fee paid by the applicant under this Section shall be refunded in full to the applicant. If, however, the applicant withdraws the application at any time after the Board commences its review, no part of the review fee shall be refunded to the applicant.
(Source: P.A. 95-677, eff. 10-11-07.)