(70 ILCS 1707/40)
    Sec. 40. Public participation; public hearing; Citizens' Advisory Committee.
    (a) The Board shall develop, implement, and maintain a process of public participation designed to: (i) inform and involve the public in all of the public activities and decisions of the Board; (ii) provide access to public records and information maintained by the Board; and (iii) provide mechanisms for public suggestions. The Board shall serve as the single point of contact and direct all public involvement activities.
    (b) In connection with its review and development of any regional plans and prior to any plan's approval, the Board must hold a public hearing. Notice of the time, date, and place set for the hearing must be published in a newspaper having a general circulation within the Chicago region at least 30 days prior to the date of the hearing. The notice must contain a short explanation of the purpose of the hearing. The hearing may be continued, as deemed necessary by the Board.
    (c) The Board shall create a standing Citizens' Advisory Committee to provide continuous and balanced public representation in the development of regional plans and policies.
(Source: P.A. 94-510, eff. 8-9-05.)