(70 ILCS 1205/9.1-1) (from Ch. 105, par. 9.1-1)
    Sec. 9.1-1. Any park district has the power, subject to the limitations of Sections 9.1-1 through 9.1-6 of this Article to acquire, construct and operate golf courses and toilet, locker and other necessary facilities pertinent thereto, and extend or improve such courses and facilities, borrow money, and as evidence thereof to issue its bonds, payable solely from the revenue derived from the operation of such golf courses and facilities. These bonds may be issued in such amounts as may be necessary to provide sufficient funds to pay all the costs of the acquisition or construction, or extension or improvement of golf courses and facilities, including engineering, legal, and other expenses, together with interest on the bonds to a date 6 months subsequent to the estimated date of the completion. The bonds are negotiable instruments and shall be executed by the president and secretary of the district and countersigned by the treasurer.
(Source: P.A. 80-1495.)