(70 ILCS 1205/7-2) (from Ch. 105, par. 7-2)
    Sec. 7-2. Power is hereby conferred upon any park district to acquire, lay out, extend, maintain, and improve pleasure driveways and boulevards and to acquire and improve any and all real estate, lands, riparian estates or rights, and all other property acquired or needed for any such park, boulevard, or driveway or for extending, adorning, or maintaining the same if such land is located within such park district, under the provisions of Article 9 of the Illinois Municipal Code, as heretofore and hereafter amended. The Board shall, by resolution, designate the Local Improvement Act under which it elects to proceed. The same provision shall apply to the collections of the assessments by installments and for the issuing of bonds and vouchers therefor as are provided in case of special assessments of cities and villages in said Article 9 of the Illinois Municipal Code, except as limited by Sections 7-3 to 7-5 hereof.
(Source: Laws 1961, p. 1398.)