(70 ILCS 1205/3-6c) (from Ch. 105, par. 3-6c)
    Sec. 3-6c. Any territory which: (1) is within the corporate limits of a municipality which, as an incident of its municipal government and under the Illinois Municipal Code, is operating and maintaining a system of parks consisting of 2 or more park areas within its corporate limits, and (2) is also within the limits of a park district, 90% or more of the area of which lies outside the boundaries of such municipality, and (3) was not annexed to the municipality subsequent to the organization of the park district, and (4) comprises all the area of the park district within the municipality; may be disconnected from the park district.
    Such disconnection shall be initiated by a written petition signed by a majority of the owners of record of all land within the territory and the owners of record of not less than 2/3 of the land contained within the territory. The petition shall be filed with the clerk of the circuit court of the county in which the municipality and park district are situated. The circuit court shall thereupon fix a date and time not less than 30 days nor more than 180 days after the date of filing of such petition for a public hearing on the subject of the petition. Notice of the time and place of the hearing shall be given by the clerk of the circuit court at least 20 days prior to the date fixed for the hearing by at least one publication thereof in one or more daily or weekly newspapers having a general circulation within the park district.
    If the circuit court finds upon such hearing that the petition meets the requirements of this Section; that the territory to be disconnected fulfills the conditions of this Section; it may enter an order of disconnection ordering that the territory described in the petition be disconnected from the park district. No disconnection of territory under this Section shall be permitted if the park district has ownership of a park located in the territory to be disconnected. All questions of indebtedness and the tax obligations between the district and the territory affected shall be adjusted in the manner provided for in Section 3-7 of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 78-457.)