(70 ILCS 920/5) (from Ch. 23, par. 1705)
    Sec. 5. The directors shall, immediately after appointment meet and organize, by election of one of their number as president and one as secretary. The board shall have power to establish and maintain a tuberculosis sanitarium, and branches, dispensaries, and other auxiliary institutions connected with the same, within the limits of the tuberculosis sanitarium district, for the use and benefit of the inhabitants thereof, for the treatment and care of persons afflicted with tuberculosis. The board shall have power to acquire lands and grounds within such district for the aforesaid purposes by gift, grant, legacy, purchase, lease or condemnation, and to occupy, purchase, lease or erect an appropriate building or buildings for the use of the sanitarium, branches, dispensaries and other auxiliary institutions and activities connected therewith, but no such building shall be constructed until detailed plans therefor have been submitted to and approved by the Department of Public Health. When part of the facilities of a sanitarium established and maintained under this Act are vacant and not needed for the care and treatment of persons afflicted with tuberculosis or when any such facilities are not being fully used, the board of directors may extend the privileges and use of the sanitarium for: (a) the care and treatment of persons who are afflicted with pulmonary diseases, other than tuberculosis, referred by a physician licensed to practice medicine in all of its branches and persons who are otherwise acutely ill or convalescent or chronically ill, and upon such terms and conditions as the board of directors may determine by its rules and regulations, or (b) rent the same to any branch, department or agency of the state or federal government, or to any municipal corporation, quasi municipal corporation, political subdivision or body politic or agency thereof or to any not-for-profit corporation or any non-profit organization or association, if such lessee or lessees are engaged in the care and treatment of those who are medically or mentally ill or in furnishing medical or health services. Such vacant part or such facilities not being fully used may be used partly for one or more of the uses set forth in (a) and (b), always provided that the board maintains sufficient sanitarium facilities to care for all persons afflicted with tuberculosis for whose care and treatment the district is responsible. Any services provided by the district may be made available to any rented facilities. Non-profit organization or association means any organization or association, no part of the net earnings of which enures to the lawful benefit of any person. The charge for providing care and treatment of those so afflicted with pulmonary diseases, other than tuberculosis, or those who are otherwise acutely ill or are convalescent or chronically ill shall not be less than the cost of providing such care and treatment.
(Source: P.A. 83-388.)