(70 ILCS 920/13) (from Ch. 23, par. 1713)
    Sec. 13. The president of the board of directors of any district organized hereunder, shall preside at all meetings of the board and be the executive officer of such district; he shall sign all ordinances, resolutions and other papers necessary to be signed and shall execute all contracts entered into by such district and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by ordinance. The president shall be entitled to the same right to vote as the other directors possess.
    The "Yeas" and "Nays" shall be taken upon the passage of all ordinances and all proposals to create any liability or for the expenditure or appropriation of money and in all other cases at the request of any member of the board and shall be entered on the journal of the board's proceedings, and the concurrence of a majority of all the members appointed to the board shall be necessary to the passage of any such ordinance or provision.
(Source: Laws 1937, p. 470.)