(70 ILCS 905/17) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 17)
    Sec. 17. The medical health officer or administrator shall have power, and it shall be his or her duty:
        (1) To be the executive officer of the board of
        (2) To enforce and observe the rules, regulations and
orders of the State Department of Public Health and all State laws pertaining to the preservation of the health of the people within the public health district, including regulations in which the State Department of Public Health shall require provision of home visitation and other services for pregnant women, new mothers and infants who are at risk as defined by that Department that encompass but are not limited to consultation for parental and child development, comprehensive health education, nutritional assessment, dental health, and periodic health screening, referral and follow-up; the services shall be provided through programs funded by grants from the Department of Public Health from appropriations to the Department for that purpose.
        (3) To exercise the rights, powers and duties of all
township boards of health and county boards of health within the public health district.
        (4) To execute and enforce, within the public health
district, all city, village and incorporated town ordinances relating to public health and sanitation.
        (5) To investigate the existence of any contagious or
infectious disease within the public health district and to adopt measures, with the approval of the State Department of Public Health, to arrest the progress of the same.
        (6) To make all necessary sanitary and health
investigations and inspections within the public health district.
        (7) To establish a dental clinic for the benefit of
the school children of the district.
        (8) To give professional advice and information to
all city, village, incorporated town and school authorities within the public health district in all matters pertaining to sanitation and public health.
        (9) To devote his or her entire time to his or her
official duties.
        (10) To establish and execute programs and services
in the field of mental health, including intellectual disabilities, not inconsistent with the regulations of the Department of Human Services.
        (11) If approved by the board of health, to enter
into contracts with municipalities, other political subdivisions and private agencies for the purchase, sale, delivery or exchange of health services.
(Source: P.A. 97-227, eff. 1-1-12.)