(70 ILCS 605/8-5) (from Ch. 42, par. 8-5)
    Sec. 8-5. Annexation-Setting petition for hearing-Notice. Upon the filing of a petition for annexation, it shall be presented to the Court, which shall fix the date and hour for hearing. The clerk of the court shall give notice of the hearing to the owners of the lands proposed to be annexed substantially in the form provided in Section 4-21 and in the manner and for the length of time provided in Section 4-22. The notice shall include a description of the lands sought to be annexed. If the petition is filed by the landowners and all of the owners of the lands sought to be annexed have signed the petition, then no notice, other than 10 days notice in writing sent by the clerk to the commissioners, need be given.
(Source: Laws 1955, p. 512.)