(70 ILCS 605/5-26) (from Ch. 42, par. 5-26)
    Sec. 5-26. Receivers.) The court in which a foreclosure suit is pending may, upon motion of the commissioners and without bond, appoint a receiver of the rents, issues and profits of any land or other property which is the subject matter of such suit. The circuit court may also, upon complaint of the commissioners and without bond, appoint such a receiver, even though no foreclosure suit is pending, when any original or additional assessment, any installment of assessment, any annual maintenance assessment or any interest on any assessment is delinquent and the land or other property against which such assessment was levied has been forfeited to the State upon failure to sell at the Collector's sale for the non-payment thereof. If the receiver so appointed is a commissioner or other officer of the district and such commissioner or other officer has given bond for the faithful performance of his official duties as such commissioner or officer and that bond is, in the opinion of the court, adequate to protect the interests of the parties, then the official bond of such commissioner or other officer shall stand as his bond for the faithful performance of his duties as receiver. Any receiver so appointed may be authorized by the court to pay, out of the rents, issues and profits collected by him, any necessary expenses in connection with the operation of the property, including receiver's fees and expenses incurred in the administration of the receivership, general taxes and other special assessments. The receiver shall apply the net income from the property to the payment of the delinquent assessments or installments upon such forfeited property, together with any assessments or installments subsequently falling due and all interest, and when the same, including all penalties and costs thereof, have been fully satisfied, whether out of the income collected by the receiver or otherwise, and the receiver has been discharged, the action shall abate and the owner shall be restored to possession. The remedy provided by this section shall be held and taken as cumulative and shall not be construed to abridge or interfere with the right to enforce collection of any unpaid or delinquent assessment in any manner otherwise provided by law.
(Source: P.A. 79-1360.)