(70 ILCS 605/5-25) (from Ch. 42, par. 5-25)
    Sec. 5-25. Foreclosure of assessments-Acceleration.) When any original or additional assessment, any installment of any assessment, or any annual maintenance assessment or any interest on any assessment is delinquent and the land or other property against which such assessment was levied has been forfeited to the State upon failure to sell at the County Collector's sale for the nonpayment thereof, the commissioners, in the name of the district, may file a complaint in the Circuit Court of the County in which such land is situated for the foreclosure of the lien of any such unpaid assessment, installment, annual maintenance assessment or interest in like manner and with like effect as in the foreclosure of a mortgage. All owners and parties interested in the lands involved and parties in possession thereof shall be made parties defendant and shall be served with process by summons or by publication in the manner and form provided by law for the service of defendants in the foreclosure of mortgages. No irregularity in the County Collector's proceeding for judgment and sale shall affect the district's right to proceed with such foreclosure.
    When the basis for a foreclosure has accrued, as above provided, then the commissioners may include in such foreclosure all assessments, installments, interest and annual maintenance assessments which have become due prior to the filing of such foreclosure suit. If they deem it advisable, the commissioners of the district may also accelerate the due date of all unpaid original and additional assessments and installments levied by such district after the effective date of this Act against the lands involved in such foreclosure, and may include in such foreclosure proceedings all such accelerated unpaid assessments and installments levied against the land involved. If there has been no such acceleration by the commissioners, any foreclosure shall be subject to all assessments, installments and interest thereon becoming due after the commencement of such foreclosure proceedings. All such foreclosures shall be subject to all annual maintenance assessments which become due after the commencement of such foreclosure proceedings.
    Any judgment rendered in any such foreclosure proceedings may be enforced as other judgments in such court but any sale made under such judgment shall be made by the County Collector or by some other officer having authority to receive state and county taxes designated by the court in such judgment. The commissioners, on behalf of the district, may be the purchasers at any such foreclosure sale. The right of redemption from any sale under any such judgment shall exist in favor of owners and persons interested in such real estate for a period of 2 years from the date of the sale. After the sale of any such lands under any foreclosure order, notice shall be given by the purchaser at such sale, or his assigns, to all parties defendant in such suit and to all owners and parties interested in such land (including all occupants of said land, or any part thereof) at the time of giving such notice, of the fact of the sale of said lands for such unpaid assessments, the date the sale was held, the amount of such sale, and the time when the period of redemption will expire. Such notice shall be given not more than one year nor less than 3 months before the expiration of the time of redemption. Such notice shall be sent by registered mail to all such parties at their respective places of residence if the same can be ascertained upon diligent inquiry, except that all occupants of said lands shall be personally served with such notice. If any owner or party interested is unknown, or if, upon diligent inquiry, the place of residence of any such party cannot be ascertained, then such notice shall be given by one publication in some newspaper published in such county or, if no newspaper is published in such county, then by publication in some newspaper published in another county but having general circulation in such county. Proof of the giving of such notice shall be made to the court in which the suit is pending, and no deed shall be issued until such proof is made and approved by the court.
    If there is no redemption from such sale within 2 years from the time of such sale and proper proof is made of the giving of notice as hereinabove provided, then the court shall order the issuance of a deed which shall vest in the grantee all the right, title and interest in said lands of all parties defendant in such suit and of all their privies in title and interest.
    If a notice as above provided is not given within the time above provided, or if the notice given is defective or insufficient, then the court may, upon proper application, order the giving of another notice and shall extend the time for redemption to a date certain, not less than 3 nor more than 5 months following the entry of such order, so that proper notice may be given.
    The remedy provided by this section for the collection of unpaid assessments shall not be construed to abridge or interfere with the right to enforce the collection of any unpaid or delinquent assessments in the manner provided by the revenue laws of this State or of other provisions of this Act, but the remedy herein provided shall be taken and held as an additional remedy.
(Source: P.A. 79-1360.)