(70 ILCS 605/4-28) (from Ch. 42, par. 4-28)
    Sec. 4-28. Sale of district owned real estate-Power of court. The court has power to: (a) authorize the commissioners to sell at public sale and convey any real estate acquired by any district at any foreclosure sale or at any general tax sale or by deed from the owner where an assessment is delinquent thereon or by gift or legacy; (b) authorize the commissioners to sell at public sale any district owned real estate which may have been acquired for drainage, protection or other purposes when such real estate may no longer be needed by the district for any district purpose; (c) authorize the sale of any such real estate free and clear of the lien of any unpaid assessments, installments of assessments, interest, or annual maintenance assessments of such district which are past due and unpaid, but it shall provide for the application of the proceeds of such sale to the payment of any obligation of the district which may be a lien upon such assessment or installment; and (d) fix the terms of sale and the manner of giving notice of such sale.
(Source: P.A. 83-388.)