(70 ILCS 605/4-24) (from Ch. 42, par. 4-24)
    Sec. 4-24. Findings - Dismissal - Order. If, at the conclusion of the hearing, the court finds that it is not necessary or advisable to construct any of the proposed work or to make any of the proposed changes or to exercise any of the proposed powers or to levy any proposed assessment, or finds that the cost thereof to the lands and other property in the district will exceed the benefits thereto, then the court shall dismiss the petition. In determining whether the proposed action is necessary or advisable and in determining the cost thereof, the court shall consider environmental values and amenities and may receive testimony from persons especially qualified by reason of training or experience in biological sciences, community planning, natural resource development, conservation, landscape architecture and similar fields. If the court finds that it is necessary or advisable to do one or more of the things proposed and that the benefit resulting therefrom to the lands in the district exceed the cost to such lands, then the court shall also find (a) the things which should be done, (b) the method by which the things shall be done, (c) the probable cost thereof, (d) whether an assessment should be levied or increased, (e) the amount of any assessment or additional assessment or new or increased annual maintenance assessment to be levied, and (f) any other matters which the court deems pertinent, and shall order the things to be done and the levy of an assessment in accordance with its findings. If the court orders the levy of an assessment, and if the commissioners have filed an assessment roll with their petition, then the court shall fix a time for a hearing on the assessment roll and shall continue the cause to a day certain for such hearing and no additional notice shall be required if notice was given by publication and mailing as required by Section 4-22 and by Section 5-6; provided, however, that if there are no objections to the assessment roll, if no jury is required and, if such notice was given by publication and mailing under Section 4-22 and Section 5-6, then the court may proceed to an immediate hearing on the assessment roll. If notice was not given by publication and mailing under Section 4-22 and Section 5-6 then notice of the hearing on the assessment roll shall be given in the form required by Section 5-5 and in the manner and for the length of time provided by Section 5-6. If an assessment is ordered and no assessment roll was filed with the petition, then the court shall direct the commissioners to prepare and file an assessment roll.
(Source: P.A. 86-297.)