(70 ILCS 605/4-19) (from Ch. 42, par. 4-19)
    Sec. 4-19. Obtaining court authorization. If the commissioners determine that it is necessary or advisable (a) to exercise any of the specific powers conferred upon them by Section 4-16 of this Act, or (b) to levy an additional assessment (unless the alternate method of levying an additional assessment for repair work provided by Section 5-18 is being followed), or (c) to levy an annual maintenance assessment, or (d) to increase an existing annual maintenance assessment, or if the commissioners are requested in writing by a majority of the adult landowners owning one-third of the land, or by at least one-third of the landowners owning the major portion of the land, to exercise any such power or to levy any such assessment, then the commissioners shall file a verified petition in the court in which the district is organized for authority to exercise such power or powers or to levy such an assessment.
    The petition shall contain the following (or so much thereof as may be applicable): (a) a general description of any work or changes proposed to be undertaken; (b) a general description of any equipment proposed to be purchased, acquired, leased, maintained or operated; (c) a statement showing the necessity for or advisability of the levy of the assessment or the exercise of such powers; (d) such plans, profiles or specifications as may be necessary; (e) a description of any lands, rights-of-way or other property which they deem it necessary to acquire for such work; (f) an estimate of costs, including an estimate of any increase or decrease in costs occasioned by any proposed change; (g) the amount of the assessment proposed to be levied, if any; (h) a statement that the benefits to the lands and other property in the district from the proposed work or the exercise of the power or powers proposed exceed the cost to such lands and other property; (i) a request for authority to exercise such powers and to do the acts proposed; (j) a request for authority to levy the proposed assessment; and (k) any other matters which the commissioners may deem pertinent.
    Whenever a petition is filed with the court by the commissioners requesting authority to levy an additional or annual maintenance assessment, such petition must be accompanied by a current financial report in the form set forth in Section 4-32 and covering the period since the last preceding report. If there are lands or other property which will be benefited, but which lie outside the district and within another district or a municipal corporation exercising drainage powers, then such other district or municipal corporation may be named as a party defendant in such petition and shall be served with process as provided in Section 3-19.
    If the proposed work, changes or other powers sought by the commissioners will require the levy of an annual maintenance assessment, or if the petition seeks such an assessment or the increase in any existing annual maintenance assessment to keep any such work or other works of the district in repair or to pay the cost of operating any proposed or existing pumping plant, work or equipment, then the petition shall contain an estimate of the amount of such new or increased annual maintenance assessment and a request for authority to levy such new or increased annual maintenance assessment.
    The commissioners may file with their petition an additional assessment roll or an annual maintenance assessment roll, or both, if any such assessments are proposed.
(Source: Laws 1955, p. 512.)