(70 ILCS 605/10-8) (from Ch. 42, par. 10-8)
    Sec. 10-8. Dissolution-Effect of order-Procedure following dissolution. If an order is entered by the court dissolving a district, the district shall thenceforth cease to be a body politic and corporate. The commissioners of the district shall become vested as trustees with the title to all property of the district, both real and personal, except the drains, levees and other works of the district and the rights-of-way upon which the same are situated, and shall hold in trust all funds belonging to the district at the time of the entry of the order of dissolution. The commissioners shall in the manner directed by the court advertise and sell the real and personal property belonging to the district. The proceeds of any such sale and any other funds passing to the commissioners shall be used to pay the debts of the district, the costs of sale and any other costs and expenses incurred subsequent to the entry of the order of dissolution, and all remaining surplus funds shall be rebated equitably to the landowners. The persons entitled to any such rebate shall be those persons who owned the land on the date of the filing of the petition for dissolution. The commissioners shall make a report to the court of their acts in making any such sale, and they shall report to the court the names of the persons to whom any rebate is proposed to be made and the amounts of such rebates. Such report may be heard by the court upon such notice as the court may direct, and the court at such hearing shall determine all questions with regard to any proposed rebate. Such rebates shall be paid out in like manner and with like effect as rebates paid out under Section 5-30.
(Source: Laws 1955, p. 512.)