(70 ILCS 410/15.1) (from Ch. 96 1/2, par. 7117)
    Sec. 15.1. When the board of a district proposes to incur indebtedness and issue bonds, other than tax anticipation warrants, for the purpose of development of real property as provided in subsection (c) of Section 15 of this Act, or for the purpose of incurring indebtedness in the aggregate over 0.575% as provided in subsection (d) of Section 15, it shall order a referendum on the proposition.
    The district shall adopt an ordinance calling for the referendum and setting forth the proposition. The clerk or secretary of the district shall certify the ordinance and the proposition to the proper election officials who shall submit the proposition to the voters of the district at a referendum in accordance with the general election law. For a bond proposition put forward by a district organized under this Act, including a forest preserve district created under Section 18.5, the ballot must have printed on it, but not as part of the proposition submitted, the following language:
        The approximate impact of the proposed increase on
the owner of a single-family home having a market value of (insert value) would be (insert amount) in the first year of the increase if the increase is fully implemented.
(Source: P.A. 97-364, eff. 8-15-11; 98-1168, eff. 6-1-15.)