(70 ILCS 210/5.7)
    Sec. 5.7. Naming rights.
    (a) The Authority may grant naming rights to the grounds, buildings, and facilities of the Authority. The Authority shall have all powers necessary to grant the license and enter into any agreements and execute any documents necessary to exercise the authority granted by this Section. "Naming rights" under this Section means the right to associate the name or identifying mark of any person or entity with the name or identity of the grounds, buildings, or facilities of the Authority.
    (b) The Authority shall give notice that the Authority will accept proposals for the licensing of naming rights with respect to specified properties by publication in the Illinois Procurement Bulletin not less than 30 business days before the day upon which proposals will be accepted. The Authority shall give such other notice as deemed appropriate. Proposals shall not be sealed and shall be part of the public record. The Authority shall conduct open, competitive negotiations with those who have submitted proposals in order to obtain the highest and best competitively negotiated proposals that yield the most advantageous benefits and considerations to the Authority. Neither the name, logo, products, or services of the proposer shall be such as to bring disrepute upon the Authority. If a proposal satisfactory to the Authority is not negotiated, the Authority may give notice as provided in this subsection and accept additional proposals.
    (c) The licensee shall have the authority to place signs, placards, imprints, or other identifying information on the grounds, buildings, or facilities of the Authority as specified in the license and only during the term of the license. The license may, but need not, require the Authority to refer to a property or other asset by the name of the licensee during the term of the license.
    (d) A license of naming rights is non-transferable, except to a successor entity of the licensee, and is non-renewable; however, the licensee is eligible to compete for a new license upon completion of the term of the agreement. A majority of the Board must approve any contract, lease, sale, conveyance, license, or other grant of rights to name buildings or facilities of the Authority. At least 25% of the total amount of license fees must be paid prior to the commencement of the term of the license and any balance shall be paid on a periodic schedule agreed to by the Authority.
    (e) Any licensing fee or revenue as a result of naming rights shall be used as provided in Section 13(g) of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 96-898, eff. 5-27-10.)