(70 ILCS 210/25.4)
    Sec. 25.4. Contracts for professional services.
    (a) When the Authority proposes to enter into a contract or agreement for professional services, other than the marketing agreement required in Section 5.6, the Authority shall use a request for proposal process in accordance with the Illinois Procurement Code.
    (b) Any person that submits a response to a request for proposals under this Section shall disclose in the response the name of each individual having a beneficial interest directly or indirectly of more than 7 1/2% in such person and, if such person is a corporation, the names of each of its officers and directors. The person shall notify the Board of any changes in its ownership or its officers or directors at the time such changes occur if the change occurs during the pendency of a proposal or a contract.
    (c) All contracts and agreements under this Section shall be authorized and approved by the Board and shall be set forth in a writing executed by the contractor and the Authority. No payment shall be made under this Section until a written contract or agreement shall be so authorized, approved, and executed. A copy of each contract or agreement (whether or not exempted under this Section) and the response, if any, to the request for proposals upon which the contract was awarded must be filed with the Secretary of the Authority and is required to be open for public inspection.
    (d) This Section applies to (i) contracts in excess of $25,000 for professional services provided to the Authority, including the services of accountants, architects, attorneys, engineers, physicians, superintendents of construction, financial advisors, bond trustees, and other similar professionals possessing a high degree of skill and (ii) contracts or bond purchase agreements in excess of $10,000 with underwriters or investment bankers with respect to sale of the Authority's bonds under this Act. This Section shall not apply to contracts for professional services to be provided by, or the agreement is with, a State agency, federal agency, or unit of local government.
(Source: P.A. 96-898, eff. 5-27-10; 96-899, eff. 5-28-10.)