(70 ILCS 210/13.3)
    Sec. 13.3. MPEA Reserve Fund. There is hereby created the MPEA Reserve Fund in the State Treasury. If any amount of the 2010 deficiency amount is paid to the State Treasurer pursuant to paragraph (3) of subsection (g) of Section 13 or Section 13.2 on any date after the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 100th General Assembly, the Comptroller shall order transferred, and the Treasurer shall transfer an equal amount from the General Revenue Fund into the MPEA Reserve Fund. Amounts in the MPEA Reserve Fund shall be administered by the Treasurer as follows:
        (a) On July 1 of each fiscal year, the State
Treasurer shall transfer from the MPEA Reserve Fund to the General Revenue Fund an amount equal to 100% of any post-2010 deficiency amount.
        (b) Notwithstanding subsection (a) of this Section,
any amounts in the MPEA Reserve Fund may be appropriated by law for any other authorized purpose.
        (c) All amounts in the MPEA Reserve Fund shall be
deposited into the General Revenue Fund when bonds and notes issued under Section 13.2, including bonds and notes issued to refund those bonds and notes, are no longer outstanding.
(Source: P.A. 100-23, eff. 7-6-17.)