(70 ILCS 105/5) (from Ch. 21, par. 64.24e)
    Sec. 5. (a) The trustees shall exercise all of the powers and control all the affairs of such district. The board of trustees, immediately after their appointment and at their first meeting in May of each year thereafter, shall elect one of their number as president and one of their number as secretary. The board shall prescribe the duties and fix the compensation of all of the officers and employees of the cemetery maintenance district; but no member of the board of trustees shall receive a sum to exceed $50.00 per annum. The board of trustees shall have full power to pass all necessary ordinances, rules and regulations for the proper management and conduct of the business of the cemetery maintenance district for carrying into effect the objects for which the district was formed.
    (b) The board of trustees may incur indebtedness on behalf of the district not to exceed $50,000 in the aggregate for the purpose of acquiring land for grave sites. The indebtedness shall be evidenced by a promissory note of the district requiring repayment in full no more than 20 years after the date the indebtedness is incurred. The board of trustees may give a mortgage on the land acquired to secure the indebtedness.
    (c) The board of trustees may accept gifts on behalf of the district. The gifts may be in any form, from any source, and for any legal purpose.
(Source: P.A. 86-144; 86-396.)