(65 ILCS 65/4) (from Ch. 24, par. 866g4)
    Sec. 4. At any time after the effective date of this Act the State's Attorney of each county may petition the circuit court for judgment against all tracts of land described in petitions filed under Section 1 of this Act, wherein shall be set out a description of each tract, together with the names of the owners or grantees of owners, mediate or immediate, thereof, and the court shall set the same for hearing on a day not less than 30 days thereafter. The clerk of the court shall cause notice thereof by publication to be made in a newspaper published in the county, once in each week or 2 successive weeks, the first publication thereof to be made not less than 20 days before the day upon which the petition is set for hearing. The notice shall declare that the State's Attorney will apply to the circuit court on the day specified therein for judgment against such tract or tracts of land for all delinquent special assessments and the penalties, interest and costs therein, and for an order to sell such tract or tracts for the satisfaction thereof. Upon the day specified for the entry of judgment or upon such subsequent day as the court may at that time fix, the court shall hear evidence upon the issues presented in the petition, and if it appears that the owner of any such real estate, or his or her grantee, mediate or immediate, has made payment as agreed to be made in the petition filed by such owner, as provided in Sections 1 and 2 of this Act, he or she shall enter an order relieving the original owner, his or her grantee, or subsequent grantees, of the payment of sums alleged to be due for the delinquent special assessments and the penalties, interest and cost thereon, and divesting the tract or tracts of the lien thereof. If, however, it appears that the delinquent special assessment against any tract, together with unremitted penalties, interest and costs thereon, have not been paid as provided in this Act, judgment shall be rendered against the same for all delinquent special assessments and penalties, interest, and costs thereon, and the amount thereof shall be entered on the Tax Judgment, Sale, Redemption and Forfeiture records of the county. The judgment shall be enforceable in the manner provided for the enforcements of judgments in the Property Tax Code.
    The city, village or incorporated town in whose behalf judgment is sought shall, upon presentation of a statement of the expense incurred by the clerk of the court in causing the notice to be published, reimburse the clerk for his or her expense.
(Source: P.A. 88-670, eff. 12-2-94.)