(65 ILCS 20/21-9) (from Ch. 24, par. 21-9)
    Sec. 21-9. Deposit of funds - Bids - Designation of banks or savings and loan associations. It shall be the duty of the comptroller at least once in each year before the first day of December to advertise for bids from savings and loan associations or national and State banks for interest upon the money of the city to be deposited in banks or savings and loan associations. Such bids shall be reported to the city council for its information and consideration not later than the fifteenth day of December of each year, to the end that an award or awards may be made upon such bids by the city council before the beginning of each fiscal year. Such awards shall be made to the highest and best responsible bidder or bidders. The city council shall have the power to reject all bids and to designate as many depositaries as it deems necessary for the protection of the city's interests. Only a savings and loan association or a regularly organized State or national bank may be designated as a depositary. The city council shall have power to pass all necessary ordinances to carry the foregoing provisions into effect and provide rules applicable thereto. The city treasurer shall be discharged from responsibility for all moneys deposited by him in any bank or saving and loan association designated as a depositary by order or ordinance of the city council. When money is once deposited in such depositary or depositaries, no check or draft shall be drawn against such deposit without a warrant to the city treasurer signed by the mayor and countersigned by the comptroller.
    No bank or savings and loan association shall receive public funds as permitted by this Section, unless it has complied with the requirements established pursuant to Section 6 of "An Act relating to certain investments of public funds by public agencies", approved July 23, 1943, as now or hereafter amended.
(Source: P.A. 83-541.)