(65 ILCS 5/8-11-16) (from Ch. 24, par. 8-11-16)
    Sec. 8-11-16. The Department of Revenue shall submit to each municipality each year a list of those persons within that municipality who are registered with the Department under the Retailers' Occupation Tax Act.
    The list shall indicate the street address of each retail outlet operated in the municipality by the persons so registered and the name under which the retailer conducts business, if different from the corporate name. The municipal clerk shall forward any changes or corrections to the list to the Department within 6 months. The Department shall update and correct its records to reflect such changes, or notify the municipality in writing that the suggested changes are erroneous, within 90 days. The Department shall also provide monthly updates to each municipality showing additions or deletions to the list of retail outlets within the municipality. The Department shall provide a copy of the annual listing herein provided for contiguous jurisdictions when a municipality so requests. The list required by this Section shall contain only the names and street addresses of persons who are registered with the Department and shall not include the amount of tax paid by such persons. The list required by this Section shall be provided to each municipality no later than September 1 annually.
    When certifying the amount of a monthly disbursement to a municipality under Section 8-11-1, 8-11-5, 8-11-6 of this Act or Section 6z-18 of "An Act in relation to State finance", the Department shall increase or decrease such amount by an amount necessary to offset any misallocation of previous disbursements. The offset amount shall be the amount erroneously disbursed within the previous 6 months from the time a misallocation is discovered.
    The Department of Revenue must upon the request of any municipality received pursuant to the provisions of this paragraph furnish to such municipality data setting forth the aggregate amount of retailers' occupation tax collected on behalf of such municipality from any shopping center identified in such request and located within such municipality for each month beginning with the first month following the month within which such a request is received by the Department, provided that such data may be provided only with respect to shopping centers (1) which consist of 50 or more persons registered with the Department to pay Retailers' Occupation Tax, and (2) where the developers or owners thereof or their predecessors in interest have entered into written agreements with the municipality to transfer property to or perform services for or on behalf of such municipality in exchange for payments based solely or in part on the amount of retailers' occupation tax collected on behalf of the municipality from persons within such shopping centers. Data given pursuant to this paragraph shall not identify by amounts the individual sources of such taxes. A request for data pursuant to this paragraph shall first be submitted to the Department of Revenue by the Municipal Clerk, City Council or Village Board of Trustees. The Department of Revenue shall review each such request to determine whether the requirements of item (2) of the first sentence of this paragraph have been met and, within 30 days following its receipt of such a request, shall either certify that the request meets such requirements, or notify the person submitting the request that the request does not meet such requirements.
    As used in this Section, "Municipal" or "Municipality" means or refers to a city, village or incorporated town, including an incorporated town which has superseded a civil township, and "shopping center" means a group of retail stores and other business and service establishments in an integrated building arrangement operated under common ownership or diverse ownership under unified control involving common parking areas and mutual easements.
(Source: P.A. 91-51, eff. 6-30-99.)