(65 ILCS 5/3.1-25-65) (from Ch. 24, par. 3.1-25-65)
    Sec. 3.1-25-65. Referendum to discontinue primary elections. Any village operating under the provisions of Sections 3.1-25-20 through 3.1-25-55 may by referendum elect to have the president and trustees nominated and elected at partisan primary and general elections.
    The question may be submitted to the electors of the village by the council or upon a petition signed by electors of the village equal in number to at least 10% of the number of votes cast for candidates for president at the last preceding general municipal election. The question shall be certified by the village clerk to the proper election authorities, who shall submit the proposition at an election in accordance with the general election law. The question shall be in substantially the following form:
        Shall candidates for president and trustees of (name
of village) no longer be elected in nonpartisan primary and general elections?
    If a majority of the electors in the village voting on the question vote in the affirmative, candidates for president and trustees shall no longer be elected as provided in Sections 3.1-25-20 through 3.1-25-55.
(Source: P.A. 87-1119.)