(65 ILCS 5/2-2-4) (from Ch. 24, par. 2-2-4)
    Sec. 2-2-4. Any incorporated town or village having a population of not less than 2,500 persons including 2,000 living in immobile dwellings, may incorporate as a city in like manner as is provided in Sections 2-2-1 through 2-2-3. In all such cases, however, the President and Trustees of the village or incorporated town, respectively, shall perform the same duties relative to such change of organization as are required by Sections 2-2-1 through 2-2-3 to be performed by the Mayor or corporate authorities of cities. The change of form of incorporation, if the vote is in favor thereof, shall not take effect until city officers are elected and have qualified as specified in Section 2-2-9. Until such time the presently serving incorporated town or village officers shall continue to conduct the affairs of the incorporated town or village in the usual manner.
    The question whether an incorporated town or village shall incorporate as a city under this Code shall not be presented more often than once in 4 years in such incorporated town or village.
(Source: Laws 1961, p. 1880.)