(65 ILCS 5/11-92-7) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-92-7)
    Sec. 11-92-7. The corporate authorities of any city or village availing under this Division 92 shall adopt an ordinance describing in a general way the harbor and facilities thereof, or relating thereto, to be constructed, enlarged, improved, operated and maintained as a harbor for the use and benefit of the public, and refer to the general plans and specifications therefor prepared for that purpose. These plans and specifications shall be open to the inspection of the public. Any such ordinance shall set out the estimated cost of the harbor or facilities thereof, or relating thereto, and shall fix the maximum amount of revenue bonds proposed to be issued therefor. This amount shall not exceed the estimated cost of the harbor and facilities, including engineering, legal and other expenses, together with interest cost to a date 12 months subsequent to the estimated date of completion. Such ordinance may contain such covenants which shall be part of the contract between the city or village and the holders of such bonds and the trustee, if any, for the bondholders having such rights and duties as may be provided therein for the enforcement and protection of such covenants as may be deemed necessary and advisable as to:
    (a) The issuance of additional bonds that may thereafter be issued payable from the revenues derived from the operation of such harbor or buildings, structures and facilities, and for the payment of the principal and interest on such bonds;
    (b) The regulations as to the use of any such harbor and facilities to assure the efficient use and occupancy thereof;
    (c) Kind and amount of insurance to be carried, including use and occupancy insurance, cost of which shall be payable only from the revenues derived from the harbor and facilities;
    (d) Operation, maintenance, management, accounting and auditing, employment of harbor engineers and consultants, and keeping of records, reports and audits of any such harbor and facilities;
    (e) The obligation of the city or village to maintain the harbor and facilities in good condition and to operate same in an economical and efficient manner;
    (f) Providing for setting aside any sinking funds, reserve funds, depreciation funds and such other special funds as may be found needful and the regulation and disposition thereof;
    (g) Providing for the setting aside of a sinking fund into which shall be payable from the revenues of such harbor and facilities from month to month as such revenues are collected such sums as will be sufficient to pay the accruing interest and retire the bonds at maturity;
    (h) Agreeing to fix and collect fees and rents and other charges for the use of such harbor or facilities, sufficient together with other available money to produce revenue adequate to pay the bonds at maturity and accruing interest and reserves therefor, and sufficient to pay cost of maintenance, operation and depreciation thereof in such order of priority as shall be provided by the ordinance authorizing the bonds;
    (i) Fixing procedure by which the terms of any contract with the holders of the bonds may be amended, the amount of bonds the holders of which must consent thereto, and the manner in which consent may be given;
    (j) Providing the procedure for refunding such bonds;
    (k) Providing whether and to what extent and upon what terms and conditions, if any, the holder of bonds or coupons issued under such ordinance, or the trustee, if any, therefor may by action, mandamus, injunction or other proceedings, enforce or compel the performance of all duties required by this Division 92, including the fixing, maintaining and collecting of such fees, rates or other charges for the use of the harbor or other facilities, or for any service rendered by the city or village in the operation thereof as will be sufficient, together with other available money, to pay the principal of and interest upon these revenue bonds as they become due and reserves therefor and sufficient to pay the cost of maintenance and operation and depreciation of the harbor and facilities in the order of priority as provided in the ordinance authorizing the bonds and application of the income and revenue thereof;
    (m) Such other covenants as may be deemed necessary or desirable to assure a successful and profitable operation of the harbor and facilities, and prompt payment of the principal of and interest upon the bonds so authorized.
(Source: P.A. 83-345.)