(65 ILCS 5/11-74.2-8) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-74.2-8)
    Sec. 11-74.2-8. In carrying out a final commercial redevelopment plan the corporate authorities have the power to:
    (a) Acquire by purchase, gift, condemnation or otherwise as provided in this Division the fee simple title to all or any part of the real property in any redevelopment area; if the property is to be obtained by condemnation, such power of condemnation may be exercised only when at least 85% of the land located within the boundaries of each plan has been acquired previously by the corporate authorities or private organizations pursuant to the implementation of the plan through good faith negotiations and such negotiations are unsuccessful in acquiring the remaining land;
    (b) Clear any area acquired, by demolition or removal of existing buildings and structures;
    (c) Renovate or rehabilitate any structure or building acquired, or if any structure or building or the land supporting it has not been acquired, to permit the owner to renovate or rebuild the structure or building in accordance with the redevelopment plan;
    (d) Construct or acquire by gift or purchase any commercial project and rent or lease such commercial projects to commercial or housing concerns or entities engaged in providing housing and ancillary services at rentals at least sufficient to provide for prompt payment of interest and principal of all revenue bonds issued for such commercial projects under Section 11-74.2-16 or as an alternative lend the proceeds of any such revenue bonds to any such concerns or entities to finance the cost of such commercial projects on terms that will provide for the prompt payment at maturity of principal, interest and redemption premium, if any, upon all bonds issued to finance the cost of such commercial projects;
    (e) To sell and convey commercial projects, including without limitation the sale and conveyance subject to a mortgage, for such price and at such time as the governing body of the municipality may determine. However, no sale or conveyance of a commercial project shall ever be made in such manner as to impair the rights or interests of the holders of any bonds issued for the construction, purchase, improvement or extension of any such commercial project;
    (f) Install, repair, construct, reconstruct or relocate streets, utilities and site improvements essential to the preparation of the redevelopment area for use in accordance with a redevelopment plan;
    (g) Mortgage or convey real or personal property acquired for use in accordance with the redevelopment plan;
    (h) Borrow money, apply for and accept advances, loans, grants, contributions, gifts, services, or other financial assistance, from the United States of America or any agency or instrumentality thereof, the State, county, municipality or other public body or from any source, public or private, for or in aid of any of the purposes of the final redevelopment plan, and to secure the payment of any loans or advances by the issuance of revenue bonds and by the pledge of any loan, grant or contribution, or parts thereof, or the contracts therefor, to be received from the United States of America or any agency or instrumentality thereof, and to enter into and carry out contracts in connection therewith;
    (i) Exercise any one or more of the foregoing powers in any combination to carry out the final redevelopment plan.
    Nothing in this Section shall be construed to exclude property in a final redevelopment plan from taxation.
(Source: P.A. 81-1376.)