(65 ILCS 5/11-74-4) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-74-4)
    Sec. 11-74-4. In addition to powers which it may now have, any municipality has the power under this Division 74:
    (1) To construct, acquire by gift, lease or purchase, reconstruct, improve, better or extend, or to finance the construction, acquisition, reconstruction, improvement, betterment, or extension of any industrial project within or without the municipality or partially within or partially without the municipality, but in no event further than 10 miles from the territorial boundaries of such municipality, and to acquire by gift, lease or purchase lands or rights in land in connection therewith.
    (2) To issue its bonds to finance in whole or in part the cost of the acquisition, purchase, construction, reconstruction, improvement, betterment or extension of any industrial project. The municipality need not acquire or hold title to such industrial project. The governing body of the municipality in determining such cost may include all cost and estimated cost of the issuance of such bonds, all engineering, inspection, fiscal and legal expenses, and interest which it is estimated will accrue during the construction period and for 6 months thereafter on money borrowed or which it is estimated will be borrowed pursuant to this Division 74.
    (3) To rent, lease, sell or otherwise dispose of such industrial project to any enterprise, concern or other entity referred to in subsection (1) of Section 11-74-2 or to loan the proceeds of its bonds to any such enterprise, concern or entity (which may include corporations, partnerships or individuals engaged in business or commerce) in such manner that rents or other payments to be derived with respect to the industrial project shall be fixed and revised from time to time so as to produce income and revenues sufficient to provide for the prompt payment of interest upon all bonds issued under this Division 74, and to create a sinking fund to pay the principal of such bonds when due, and to provide for the operation and maintenance of such industrial project and for an adequate depreciation account in connection therewith.
    (4) To pledge to the punctual payment of bonds authorized under this Division 74 and interest thereon the income and revenues to be received with respect to such industrial project (including improvements, betterments or extensions thereto thereafter constructed or acquired) sufficient to pay such bonds and interest as they become due and to create and maintain reasonable reserves therefor.
    (5) To mortgage or grant a security interest in such industrial project in favor of the holder or holders of bonds issued therefor.
    (6) To sell and convey such industrial project, including without limitation the sale and conveyance thereof subject to a mortgage or security interest as provided in this Division 74, for such price and at such time as the governing body of the municipality may determine. However, no sale or conveyance of such industrial project shall ever be made in such manner as to impair the rights or interests of the holder or holders of any bonds issued for the construction, purchase, improvement or extension of any such industrial project.
    (7) To issue its bonds to refund in whole or in part, bonds theretofore issued by such municipality under authority of this Division 74.
    (8) To establish a municipal industrial development commission to exercise those powers enumerated in subsections (1), (3) and (6) and expressly including the power of said industrial development commission to acquire, hold title to, develop and sell real estate to promote and enhance the purpose of this Division 74 as set forth in Section 11-74-3.
    All municipalities shall be exempt from the payment of taxes with respect to property acquired by any municipality pursuant to the provisions of this Division 74 while such property is owned by the municipality, but the occupant of such property shall be subject to taxation as if he were the owner of such property.
(Source: P.A. 84-946.)