(60 ILCS 1/80-15)
    Sec. 80-15. Supervisor and highway commissioner accounts.
    (a) The township board shall, at the same time and place as stated in Section 80-10, examine the accounts of the supervisor (including all contingent expenses necessarily incurred for the use and benefit of the township and including the supervisor's accounts as supervisor of general assistance) and of the commissioner of highways of the township for all moneys received and distributed by them. The board shall also examine and audit (i) all charges and claims against their township and against their road district (if not part of a consolidated township road district) and (ii) the compensation of all township officers (except the compensation of supervisors for county services).
    (b) The examination and audit of the accounts of the supervisor as the supervisor of general assistance and the accounts pertaining to Social Security tax payments are not required to be conducted before payments for Social Security taxes and general assistance are made by the supervisor. No examination and audit is required before the payment of wages that are subject to the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act.
(Source: P.A. 85-526; 88-62.)