(60 ILCS 1/45-20)
    Sec. 45-20. Caucus result; filing nomination papers; certifying candidates.
    (a) The township central committee shall canvass and declare the result of the caucus.
    (b) The chairman of the township central committee shall, not more than 113 nor less than 106 days before the township election, file nomination papers as provided in this Section. The nomination papers shall consist of (i) a certification by the chairman of the names of all candidates for office in the township nominated at the caucus and (ii) a statement of candidacy by each candidate in the form prescribed in the general election law. The nomination papers shall be filed in the office of the township clerk, except that if the township is entirely within the corporate limits of a city, village, or incorporated town under the jurisdiction of a board of election commissioners, the nomination papers shall be filed in the office of the board of election commissioners instead of the township clerk.
    (c) The township clerk shall certify the candidates so nominated to the proper election authorities not less than 68 days before the township election. The election shall be conducted in accordance with the general election law.
(Source: P.A. 99-522, eff. 6-30-16.)