(60 ILCS 1/30-205)
    Sec. 30-205. Advisory referenda. Any group of registered voters may request an advisory question of public policy for consideration by the electors at the annual meeting by giving written notice of the specific advisory question to the township clerk in the same manner as required for an agenda item under subsection (b) of Section 30-10. The agenda published by the township board shall include any such advisory question if the request is timely filed. By a vote of the majority of electors present at a town meeting, the electors may authorize that an advisory question of public policy, for which notice has been given as required by this Section, be placed on the ballot at the next regularly scheduled election in the township. The township board shall certify the question to the proper election officials, who shall submit the question in accordance with the general election law.
(Source: P.A. 98-653, eff. 6-18-14.)