(60 ILCS 1/175-15)
    Sec. 175-15. Use of money; annual report.
    (a) Any moneys paid over by a township from the hospital fund to a public non-sectarian hospital shall be used solely for its maintenance and operation under the sole control of the management of the hospital.
    (b) The management of the hospital shall file with the clerk of each township that has paid money into the hospital fund, within 60 days after the close of its fiscal year, a report stating the financial affairs of the hospital, showing (i), the balance (if any) received by the management from its predecessor or from any other source; (ii) the amount of tax levied the preceding year for the hospital; (iii) the amount collected and paid over to it; (iv) the amount paid out by it and on what account, including any amount paid out on indebtedness (specifying the nature and amount of the indebtedness, the amount paid on the indebtedness, the amount paid on principal, and the amount paid on interest account); and (v) the amount and kind of all outstanding indebtedness due and unpaid, the amount and kind of indebtedness not yet due, and when the indebtedness not yet due will mature.
    (c) The township clerk shall record the report in the record book of the township as soon as it is filed and shall post a copy of the report at the place of holding the annual township meeting 2 days before the meeting is held. The clerk shall read the report aloud to the electors at the meeting. The township clerk shall cause the report to be published in a newspaper of general circulation published within the township in which the hospital is situated. If no newspaper of general circulation is published in the township, the report shall be published in any newspaper generally circulated in the township.
    (d) Any manager or township clerk who wilfully neglects to comply with this Section shall forfeit and pay to the township the sum of not less than $50 nor more than $200, to be sued for and recovered by the township in its corporate name and appropriated for repairs of highways and bridges in the township.
(Source: Laws 1951, p. 110; P.A. 88-62.)