(60 ILCS 1/170-55)
    Sec. 170-55. Resolution describing building and site.
    (a) The board of directors of any hospital availing itself of the provisions of Section 170-50 shall adopt a resolution describing in a general way the building or buildings (or addition or extension to the building or buildings) to be constructed, reconstructed, repaired, remodeled, extended, equipped, or improved and the site or sites to be acquired. The resolution shall set out the estimated cost of the construction, reconstruction, repair, remodeling, extension, equipment, improvement, or acquisition and fix the amount of revenue bonds proposed to be issued and the maturity, interest rate, and all details concerning the bonds. The resolution may contain provisions and covenants that shall be part of the contract between the board of directors and the holders of the bonds deemed necessary and advisable as to the operation, maintenance, and management of the hospital, including (i) the establishment and maintenance of sinking funds, reserve funds, and other special funds, including construction funds; (ii) the fixing and collecting of rents, fees, and charges for the use of the facilities of the hospital sufficient to produce revenue adequate to maintain the funds and to pay the bonds at maturity and accruing interest on the bonds; (iii) the issuance thereafter of additional bonds payable from the revenues derived from the hospital; (iv) the kind and amount of insurance, including use and occupancy insurance, to be carried, the cost of which shall be payable only from the revenues derived from the hospital; and (v) other covenants deemed necessary or desirable to assure the successful operation and maintenance of the hospital and the prompt payment of the principal and interest upon the bonds authorized.
    (b) Revenue bonds issued under this Article shall be signed by the chairman of the board of directors and the secretary of the board of directors and shall be payable from revenue derived from the operation of the hospital. These bonds shall not in any event constitute an indebtedness of the hospital or the township within the meaning of any constitutional or statutory provision or limitation. It shall be plainly written or printed on the face of each bond (i) that the bond has been issued under the provisions of this Article, (ii) that the bond, including the interest on the bond, is payable from the revenue pledged to the payment of the principal of and interest on the bond, and (iii) that it does not constitute an indebtedness or obligation of the hospital or township within the meaning of any constitutional or statutory provision or limitation. No holder of any revenue bond issued under this Article has the right to compel any exercise of the taxing power of the hospital or township to pay the bond or interest on the bond.
(Source: P.A. 82-230; 88-62.)