(60 ILCS 1/15-50)
    Sec. 15-50. Powers exercised by city council. All the powers vested in the township described in Section 15-45, including all the powers now vested by law in the highway commissioners of the township and in the township board of the township, shall be exercised by the city council. The city council shall perform the duties of a township or multi-township board in relation to the township or multi-township assessor as provided in the Property Tax Code.
    By a resolution passed by a three-fourths vote, the city council of any home rule municipality may cease to exercise the powers of the township board. Vacancies within the offices of township clerk, township collector, and board of trustees resulting from the city council's action shall be filled in accordance with the general election law for the holding of township elections. Any action taken under this Section shall not alter the rights and duties of the township supervisor as chief executive officer of the township or of any other duly elected township officials.
(Source: P.A. 90-698, eff. 8-7-98.)