(60 ILCS 1/110-70)
    Sec. 110-70. School district.
    (a) In any hearing before a zoning commission or board of appeals, any school district within which the property in issue, or any part of that property, is located may appear and present evidence.
    (b) In exercising the powers under this Article with respect to public school districts, a township shall act in a reasonable manner that neither regulates educational activities, such as school curricula, administration, and staffing, nor frustrates a school district's statutory duties. This subsection (b) is declarative of existing law and does not change the substantive operation of this Article.
    (c) In processing zoning applications from public school districts, a township shall make reasonable efforts to streamline the zoning application and review process for the school board and minimize the administrative burdens involved in the zoning review process, including, but not limited to, reducing application fees and other costs associated with the project of a school board to the greatest extent practicable and reflective of actual cost but in no event more than the lowest fees customarily imposed by the township for similar applications, limiting the number of times the school district must amend its site plans, reducing the number of copies of site plans and any other documents required to be submitted by the township, and expediting the zoning review process for the purpose of rendering a decision on any application from a school district within 90 days after a completed application is submitted to the township.
(Source: P.A. 99-890, eff. 8-25-16.)