(60 ILCS 1/110-40)
    Sec. 110-40. Board of appeals; membership; meetings.
    (a) The township board shall provide for the appointment of a board of appeals of 5 members to serve respectively for the following terms: One for one year, one for 2 years, one for 3 years, one for 4 years, and one for 5 years. The successor to each member shall serve for a term of 5 years.
    (b) One of the members shall be named chairman at the time of his or her appointment. If there is a vacancy, the appointing power shall designate a chairman.
    (c) The appointing authority may remove any member of the board for cause after a public hearing. Vacancies shall be filled by the appointing authority for the unexpired term of any member whose place has become vacant.
    (d) All meetings of the board of appeals shall be held at the call of the chairman and at times and places within the county determined by the board. The chairman (or in his absence the acting chairman) may administer oaths and compel the attendance of witnesses. All meetings of the board shall be open to the public. The board shall keep minutes of its proceedings showing the vote of each member upon every question (or, if a member is absent or fails to vote, indicating that fact) and shall also keep records of its examinations and other official actions. Every rule, regulation, every amendment or repeal of a rule or regulation, and every order, requirement, decision, or determination of the board shall immediately be filed with the township clerk and shall be a public record.
(Source: P.A. 82-783; 88-62.)