(55 ILCS 80/4.5)
    Sec. 4.5. Forensic interviews; electronic recordings.
    (a) Consent is not required for a forensic interview to be electronically recorded. Failure to record does not render a forensic interview inadmissible.
    (b) A forensic interview, an electronic recording, or a forensic interview transcription or electronic recording is confidential and exempt from public inspection and copying under Section 7.5 of the Freedom of Information Act and may only be viewed by a court, attorneys, investigators, or experts for the purpose of judicial and administrative hearings and shall not be disseminated except pursuant to a court's protective order.
    (c) Nothing in this Act shall be construed to limit or prohibit electronically recorded forensic interviewing in accordance with Article 14 of the Criminal Code of 2012 or Article 108A or Article 108B of the Code of Criminal Procedure of 1963.
(Source: P.A. 101-236, eff. 1-1-20.)