(55 ILCS 5/5-38007) (from Ch. 34, par. 5-38007)
    Sec. 5-38007. Powers and duties of board. The county library board shall (a) establish, equip and maintain a county library; (b) establish, equip and maintain branches and stations of the county library in the various parts of the county; (c) acquire and circulate books, periodicals, pamphlets, musical scores and records, pictures, stereopticon slides, motion picture films, and other educational material; (d) receive and administer legacies and gifts of real and personal property; (e) appoint a county librarian and necessary assistants and employees, and fix their compensation; (f) make, alter and amend, from time to time, reasonable by-laws, rules and regulations for the operation of the public county library service; and (g) do all other things necessary to carry on an efficient public county library service.
    In establishing, equipping and maintaining branches or stations of the county library, the county library board may, if deemed advisable, contract, in writing, with existing libraries to serve as such branches or stations.
    Whenever a county library board which has been duly appointed may desire to erect a library building, or to purchase a building or a site, or both, for a library, or to accumulate a fund for either or both of these purposes, it shall proceed in the manner provided for the carrying out of similar purposes in "An Act in relation to free public libraries for cities, villages, incorporated towns and townships and to repeal Acts and parts of Acts therein named", approved July 12, 1965, as amended.
(Source: P.A. 86-962.)