(55 ILCS 5/3-14048) (from Ch. 34, par. 3-14048)
    Sec. 3-14048. County auditor. In the County of Cook, there is hereby created the office of auditor who shall be appointed by the President of the County Board, in accordance with the terms and provisions of the law in relation to civil service in said county, and whose compensation and official bond shall be fixed by said board; and there shall be formulated, installed and regulated by and under the direction and authority of the County Board, and subject to the provisions of "The Local Records Act", a uniform system of books of account, forms, reports and records to be used in the offices of every county officer of Cook County which said system of books of account, forms, reports and records so formulated under the direction of the said County Board and installed and regulated shall be used by said county officers for the purpose of keeping an accurate statement of moneys received by them and all the financial and business transactions of their respective offices; and said auditor shall audit or cause to be audited from day to day the receipts of the said several offices and the reports of the said offices of the business transactions of their respective offices and certify to their correctness or incorrectness to the County Board. Said auditor shall report monthly to the County Board a summarized and classified statement of the official transactions of each of the said offices of each officer of Cook County for each day of said month; and the said auditor shall further make a semi-annual report to the County Board containing a recapitulation of the receipts of the several offices for the preceding 6 months; such report to include the period covered by the semi-annual report of the several officers of the County of Cook to the County Board where a semi-annual report is required by law from said officers.
    For the purpose aforesaid the said County Board or any one authorized by it in addition to the power and authority vested in them by Sections 3-13001 and 3-13002, as heretofore or hereafter amended, are vested with power and authority to enter the office of any county officer of Cook County at all times and to have free and unrestricted access to all the books, papers, forms, reports, accounts and memoranda used by said officers for the transaction of the business of their respective offices for the purpose of auditing, checking or correcting the reports when reports to the County Board are required from said offices by law, or compiling the records provided herein to be made to the County Board, or auditing the general business of the offices.
    Said auditor may under the direction of the County Board prescribe new forms, reports, accounts or records to be used by said officers in the transaction of the said business of their several respective offices, or change, alter or amend the same from time to time.
    The said auditor may with the authority of the President of the County Board employ assistants, the number and compensation of whom shall be fixed by the County Board.
(Source: P.A. 86-962.)