(55 ILCS 5/1-4005) (from Ch. 34, par. 1-4005)
    Sec. 1-4005. Proclamation by Governor. Within ten days after such election, the county clerk of each of such counties shall send a correct and duly certified abstract of the votes polled at such election to the Secretary of State; and if a majority of votes polled at such election in each of said counties is found to be in favor of uniting and annexing the petitioning county to the adjoining county, the Secretary of State shall forthwith so notify the Governor of the state, and the Governor shall thereupon, forthwith and without delay, issue his proclamation announcing and declaring the result of such election; and on and after the date of such proclamation the petitioning county shall cease to exist as a county, and all that territory embraced in the limits of such petitioning county shall be united and annexed to, and shall form an integral part of such adjoining county.
(Source: P.A. 86-962.)