(55 ILCS 5/1-3001) (from Ch. 34, par. 1-3001)
    Sec. 1-3001. Petition to form new county. Whenever it is desired to form a new county out of one or more of the then existing counties, and a petition praying for the erection of such new county, stating and describing the territory proposed to be taken for such new county, together with the name of such proposed new county, signed by a majority of the legal voters residing in the territory to be stricken from such county or counties, shall be presented to the county board of each county to be affected by such division, and it appearing that such new county can be constitutionally formed, it shall be the duty of such county board or county boards to make an order providing for the submission of the question of the erection of such new county to a vote of the people of the counties to be affected. The County Board or boards shall certify the question to the proper election officials, who shall submit the question to the voters at a general election, in accordance with the general election law. The form of the proposition shall be as follows: "For new county," and "Against new county."
(Source: P.A. 86-962.)