(50 ILCS 820/6) (from Ch. 71, par. 106)
    Sec. 6. Bed and breakfast establishments shall meet the State Fire Marshal's requirements for one and two-family dwellings. In addition, the following standards shall be required:
    (a) Manual extinguishing equipment shall be provided on each floor in accordance with NFPA 10 - Standards for the Installation of Portable Fire Extinguishers.
    (b) All combustibles or flammable liquids shall be stored in approved metal containers. No combustible storage in or under stairways.
    (c) All trash containers shall be metal.
    (d) No cooking facilities shall be permitted in guest rooms.
    (e) All hallways and stairways shall be adequately lighted.
    (f) No portable heating devices shall be permitted in guest rooms.
    (g) The operator shall submit a floor plan of the bed and breakfast establishment to the local Fire Department.
    (h) Smoke detectors shall be provided in each guest room.
(Source: P.A. 85-399.)