(50 ILCS 720/3) (from Ch. 85, par. 563)
    Sec. 3. Powers and Duties.
    (a) Powers and Duties of the Advisory Board.
        (1) To incorporate as a general not-for-profit
corporation or other appropriate structure under Illinois law.
        (2) To adopt By-Laws and Operating Procedures.
        (3) To designate a Financial Officer who is an
elected local government official.
        (4) To employ a coordinator and to approve the
employment of such other full or part-time staff as may be required.
        (5) To develop and approve the total budget for the
Mobile Team annually.
        (6) To determine equitable formulae for providing the
local share of cost of the Mobile Team, and to assure receipt of such funds from participating units of local government.
        (7) To oversee the development of training programs,
the delivery of training, and the proper expenditure of funds.
        (8) To carry out such other actions or activities
appropriate to the operation of the Mobile Team including but not limited to contracting for services and supplies, and purchase of furniture, fixtures, equipment and supplies.
        (9) To exercise all other powers and duties as are
reasonable to fulfill its functions in furtherance of the purposes of this Act.
    (b) Powers and Duties of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board.
        (1) To act as the State agency participant on each
Mobile Team Advisory Board.
        (2) To act as the State agency to coordinate the
actions of Mobile Teams established in the State.
        (3) To determine that the Mobile Team meets the
criteria for the receipt of funds from the State in accordance with Section 4 of this Act.
        (4) To budget for and authorize quarterly
disbursement of State funds up to 50% of the total approved budget of the eligible Mobile Team.
        (5) To establish such reasonable rules and
regulations as the Director deems necessary to carry out the duties described in this Act, including those relating to the annual certification of retired law enforcement officers qualified under federal law to carry a concealed weapon.
    (c) Powers and Duties of the Coordinator of an Advisory Board.
        (1) To manage and coordinate the ongoing operations
of the Mobile Team.
        (2) To employ and supervise additional authorized
full or part-time staff.
        (3) To arrange for qualified instructors from among
the employees of State, local or federal Departments or agencies wherever practical and to obtain other instructional services as required.
(Source: P.A. 94-103, eff. 7-1-05.)