(50 ILCS 705/7.1)
    Sec. 7.1. Firearms restraining order training.
    (a) The Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board shall develop and approve a standard curriculum for a training program on the Firearms Restraining Order Act. The Board shall conduct a training program that trains officers on the use of firearms restraining orders, how to identify situations in which a firearms restraining order is appropriate, and how to safely promote the usage of the firearms restraining order in different situations. Officers who have successfully completed this program shall be issued a certificate attesting to their attendance.
    (b) Every law enforcement officer shall complete this training once each year.
    (c) If adequate training is unavailable, the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board may approve training to be conducted by a third party.
(Source: P.A. 102-345, eff. 6-1-22.)