(50 ILCS 470/62)
    Sec. 62. Powers of political subdivisions. The provisions of this Act are intended to be supplemental and in addition to all other power or authority granted to political subdivisions, shall be construed liberally, and shall not be construed as a limitation of any power or authority otherwise granted. In addition to the powers a political subdivision may have under other provisions of law, a political subdivision shall have all of the following powers in connection with a STAR bond district:
        (a) To make and enter into all contracts necessary or
incidental to the implementation and furtherance of a STAR bond district plan.
        (b) Within a STAR bond district, to acquire by
purchase, donation, or lease, and to own, convey, lease, mortgage, or dispose of land and other real or personal property or rights or interests in property and to grant or acquire licenses, easements, and options with respect to property, all in the manner and at a price the political subdivision determines is reasonably necessary to achieve the objectives of the STAR bond project.
        (c) To clear any area within a STAR bond district by
demolition or removal of any existing buildings, structures, fixtures, utilities, or improvements and to clear and grade land.
        (d) To install, repair, construct, reconstruct,
extend or relocate public streets, public utilities, and other public site improvements located both within and outside the boundaries of a STAR bond district that are essential to the preparation of a STAR bond district for use in accordance with a STAR bond district plan.
        (e) To renovate, rehabilitate, reconstruct, relocate,
repair, or remodel any existing buildings, improvements, and fixtures within a STAR bond district.
        (f) To install or construct any public buildings,
structures, works, streets, improvements, utilities, or fixtures within a STAR bond district.
        (g) To issue STAR bonds as provided in this Act.
        (h) Subject to the limitations set forth in the
definition of "project costs" in Section 10 of this Act, to fix, charge, and collect fees, rents, and charges for the use of any building, facility, or property or any portion of a building, facility, or property owned or leased by the political subdivision in furtherance of a STAR bond project under this Act within a STAR bond district.
        (i) To accept grants, guarantees, donations of
property or labor, or any other thing of value for use in connection with a STAR bond project.
        (j) To pay or cause to be paid STAR bond project
costs, including, specifically, to reimburse any developer or nongovernmental person for STAR bond project costs incurred by that person. A political subdivision is not required to obtain any right, title, or interest in any real or personal property in order to pay STAR bond project costs associated with the property. The political subdivision shall adopt accounting procedures necessary to determine that the STAR bond project costs are properly paid.
        (k) To exercise any and all other powers necessary to
effectuate the purposes of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 96-939, eff. 6-24-10.)